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We invite young people and adults learners of the English language who take exams such as the eighth grade test, matura exam, foreign language exam for doctoral students, people who want to supplement other courses, who need refreshing and revision of their knowledge, as well as those who know English only at the elementary and basic level. want to improve their language skills, take a comprehensive video English course with interactive exercises and lesson revisions. 

Video English courses on the online platform

The video English language courses we offer are materials that you can use anywhere and anytime. Anyone who has mastered the basics of the language and would like to recall it or improve its use can learn from the course. Each online English lesson recorded by us is structured according to the level of your choice. In addition, each of them includes three versions of the course:

  • Basic - consists of educational videos for learning English.
  • Standard - includes recordings and additional exercises in terms of the material developed.
  • Premium - includes video lessons, exercises for classes and 15-minute consultations on each topic covered.


There is an option to buy the full version, only the grammar or vocabulary at all levels. We also recommend purchasing a single lesson, especially if you are interested in one topic or just want to test e-learning. We can also improve English with mini lessons. It is a form of learning that covers specific topics and complements other online English classes. If you are not fully committed to buying, but you are interested in an online English course - we encourage you to view an example, short, free lesson, which is available on the website for each online course.

Who are online English courses for?

Busy adults

If you are busy, taking care of the children or you just can't find the time to enjoy the classes - video English courses are for you! A simple form of recording, available for listening from anywhere and at any time makes learning English comfortable and flexible. To participate, all you need is any device - phone, computer, laptop or tablet. You can turn on the film while cleaning, putting the baby to sleep or any manual work, and turn it off at any time. Our platform is fully intuitive and will remember the moment when you finished e-learning.

Pupils and students

English at any time and from anywhere is a way to sneak learning languages into our routine without unnecessarily pressing classes into the calendar. This is also appreciated by pupils and students who do not want to add more lessons to their plan. The possibility of learning tailored to your lifestyle, even 5 minutes a day, will help you allocate time to rework the material. Apart from the fact that we choose convenient dates for our studies ourselves, we save on commuting! When you decide to take online English lessons, you make quick progress and work at your own pace.

The travelers

Continuous travel does not allow you to do extra-curricular activities? If you're constantly changing your place of residence or traveling on business trips, an online English course is a great way to enjoy your classes while on the move. It is also an option for people who work at night and rest during the day - you can learn the language even when others are long asleep!

What does our online English course do?

Free communication while traveling abroad, great academic results, an important skill included in the CV, the ability to use the Internet in English, understanding native speakers or ease in international business contacts are just some of the benefits that video English courses can bring.

The new language is also a new entertainment - after English lessons we can start looking for books and performances in English! You will also forget about films with a voiceover - it is much more pleasant to watch them with the original sound. You should also remember that the English language will help us understand the most popular songs in the world. Knowing the language, you can stop checking their text on the Internet!

If you are interested in one topic, such as travel and traffic, buying only this lesson is a great option. In this way, we can feel more confident, for example, on trips outside the countrywhere English is used. Online learning allows you to acquire knowledge at various levels of advancement, at any given moment. This saves time and does not disturb our daily schedule.

Let's not forget that learning a language develops our memory! It also improves concentration and attention. English lessons are gymnastics that your mind will appreciate. Keeping it in good shape is the key to preventing memory loss. Learning English online helps keep your brain fit at a low cost, which is why online school is the choice of many adults wishing to start English lessons.

Why is it worth it?

With us you will start to be fluent in English! While discussing various topic sections, we will explain the complexities of grammar and help you master new vocabulary.

Learn from the best!

An original, innovative platform for learning English! The materials on it and the form of transferring knowledge are the result of many years of work and the vast experience of the author Iwona Róg and the team of teachers at SJO Akcent, but above all, a passion for teaching foreign languages.

Wide range of

We have prepared courses at the level of A2 and B1 divided into Grammatical range and Vocabulary and packages Basic, Standard, Premium. The Basic course includes video lessons, the Standard course includes exercises for each lesson. The Premium course is the content of the Standard course and a 15-minute consultation for each lesson. 

Online course

Our platform allows users to use anywhere, all you need is the Internet and a mobile device. You can stop learning at any time and the platform will remember exactly where you left off.

Learning English - why our course?

Online English with the Akcent Iwona Róg School of Foreign Languages are carefully prepared lessons, created by a traveler fascinated by culture and the English language, who has been running the school since 2001. The very platform on which the course is located is fully proprietary and innovativemaking the English language online a pure pleasure. You cannot get lost on our platform - the system remembers where you have finished watching, and the classes are divided into appropriate categories. The video English course consists of 20 grammar lessons, 20 vocabulary lessons, and revision, after which you can take the test. By confirming your language skills and passing a minimum of 51%, you receive a certificate confirming participation in the course at the selected level.

The English video course is available for use for 12 months. Our effectiveness is confirmed by satisfied participants who receive high results, pass exams and receive certificates. Many years of experience have helped us gain universal knowledge how to teach - our language school has been enjoying the trust and loyalty of students since 1987!

Our ways to learn English

Our priority is to learn English comfortably and reliably. The online course on the platform is not the only solution we offer in our school. Online English can also be a face-to-face lesson! You can learn English online with a teacher live, in groups or individually. This way you will get the answers to your questions right away! In this type of class, topics are selected directly according to your needs to teach what is most important to you!

Maybe you want to have face-to-face conversations in English? Are you not interested in the Internet, but only in direct contact with the best teachers? Classroom classes at our school will make English lessons pure pleasure, and our equipment will effectively motivate you to further explore your knowledge! We focus on every aspect of using the language - we are not afraid of speaking, listening, writing or reading English!

Learning English Online - What to Know Before Buying a Course?

Our online English courses have different levels of advancement. In order to use the lessons as much as possible and select the online classes accordingly, we recommend that you do placement tests. Before purchasing, we recommend that you read the table of contents available on the website of each course, which will allow you to familiarize yourself with the topics covered in each of the modules.

Start your English learning adventure and speak with a good Accent! Sign up for English online.


Anna Michalak
Read More
I've never learned words so easily before. Just listen and repeat. First the words themselves, then the phrases, and then the English sentences and translations. It works!
Jan Dąbrowski
Read More
Well prepared lessons. It is easy to understand what is going on, because the teacher explains the issues in an accessible way, it is nice to listen to her, and the exercises are adapted to the material developed in the video lesson. I like it very much.
Read More
Accessible translation, many examples and exercises that allow you to test your knowledge. Very nice host;).
Hanna Nowik
Read More
Not only is it a great course where English suddenly becomes easy to learn, but also beautifully packaged. It's nice to work when you see such a nice interface and the content is presented clearly.
Hanna Nowik
Read More
This was the first time I learned vocabulary with this method. Learning words, whole phrases, practicing pronunciation and translation make it easier for me to speak English.

Frequently asked questions

The courses at the A2 and B1 levels prepared by us consist of 20 grammar lessons and 20 vocabulary lessons. When buying a course, we have a choice of 3 packages: Basic - video lesson, Standard - video lesson + exercises for the material processed during the lesson, Premium - video lesson + exercises + online meeting with the SJO Akcent teacher.

Lessons can be purchased individually or in packages. Check out ours pricelist.  

The course was prepared by Iwona Róg - since 2001 the director of the Akcent Foreign Language School in Poznań. She has prepared and coordinated many training projects and initiatives, is an accredited TOEiC examiner, and has been organizing trips to foreign language schools for many years.

You should buy a lesson in the Premium package, and then sign up for a consultation via the contact form in the tab Contact or by e-mail.

Placement tests you will find on our website.

The certificate will be awarded to a person who completes all lessons of the course and then passes the final test for at least 51%.

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